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Darley Dene Staff list 2017-2018


Nursery – Robins

Nursery Teacher: Miss Stoate

Nursery Assistants: Miss Brown, Miss Malejki


Year R – Sparrows

Class teacher: Miss Gough (Early Years Lead)

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Monk, Miss Hoyle


Year 1 – Jays

Class teacher: Mrs Roberts

Teaching Assistants: Mrs McVeigh, Mrs Ascough


Year 2 – Woodpeckers

Class teacher: Ms Barter, Mr Bax

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Tatum, Mrs Irvine, Mrs Ascough, Mrs Stoate


Year 3 – Magpies

Class teacher: Miss Mercier

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Barden


Year 4 – Doves

 Class teacher: Miss Fuller

 Teaching Assistant: Mrs Sawyer, Mrs Harrison, Mrs Woodward


Year 5 – Kingfishers

Class teacher: Mr Watson

Teaching Assistant: Miss Rogers


Year 6 – Eagles

Class teacher: Miss Grillet/Mr Thomas

Teaching Assistant (HLTA): Mrs Smith, Mrs Latif


SEN Cluster – Owls Class

Teachers: Mrs Lane 

Special Needs Teaching Assistants:

Mrs Gibson

Mrs Joll

Ms Roe

Mrs Dight

Mr Liddell

Miss Ullah


Headteacher: Mrs Burrows

Deputy headteacher: Mr Thomas

Assistant Headteacher: Miss Grillet

Inclusion Lead/Teacher In Charge Of Specialist Provision: Ms Smith


School Business Manager: Mrs Hawes

Home-school Link Worker: Mrs Franey

Senior Teaching Assistant: Mrs Jones

Office Manager: Miss Futcher

Office Administrators:  Mrs Barter, Miss Rosendale


Upper KS2 Teaching Assistant: Mrs Manning

Literacy Teaching Assistant: Mrs Barter

Cover teachers: Mr Bax and Mrs Gardner

Reading Recovery teacher: Mrs Barber

Librarian: Mrs Gomez

Caretaker: Mrs Petrou


Lunch time supervisors: Mrs Hockley and Mrs Packer

Catering manager: Miss Thrussell

Catering assistants: Mrs Viney