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Kingfishers-Year 5

Just a final little note from me...


I am so over whelmed at all of your generosity! Thank you so much for all of the Christmas gifts, my flat is FULL of penguins, flowers, chocolates, smellies and candles. (Just the way I like it :) ) Thank you parents and children. I hope you've had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all! 


Lots of love


Miss Oliver 


So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye!


As I write this, my heart flutters and my stomach turns. It has been the most wonderful term teaching you all and getting to know you much better. As a class, you are sparky and wild and have such wonderful, passionate personalities. You all thrive to learn and always want to know more. Each one of you is very special and will always hold a special place in my heart especially as I have had the pleasure of teaching you twice! It is lovely to see how you have all grown and developed such interesting personalities. 

It is, sadly, time to say goodbye. One of the hardest I've ever had to say but it is something that now must be done. I wish you all the best of the luck for your futures and wish you all well. I'm sure over the next year or two I will be invited back to see you and I will track your journey over the next year or two. You have all been a pleasure to teach, keep on working hard Kingfishers. Do me proud! 


Lots of Love

Miss Oliver 



On Friday afternoon a package was delivered to Kingfisher's classroom. Excitedly, inside was a letter from Santa. It explained how he had been watching over us and our learning and how he was going to continue watching over us throughout the Christmas period. Even more exciting than a letter was that inside the package was a penguin called Percy who is going to watch us and send messages back to Father Christmas every day!


Currently we are hoping he isn't going to be a pesky penguin. *Fingers crossed*


Writers Day with Poet Brian Moses

Excitedly, four Kingfishers visited Westfield Primary School on Thursday 1st December and worked along side poet Brian Moses to write some poetry. 


Here is a report from Ivana, Holly, Jack and Daniel:

We were introduced to some new language and spent some time using this in creative ways. We most enjoyed his imaginative use of sound words. He read us some of his poems from his books using his voice creatively and instruments. We then had to work alongside a child from a different school, we insulted them using the phrase "you make me feel like" and then paid them a compliment using the phrase "You make me feel like" 



The children wrote their own poems that were about secret places. 




Spookier than a little girl's screams in the dead of night.

Spookier than a zombie's groan.

Spookier than the phantom's gasps of fury.

Spookier than the sighting of a spirit.

Spookier than the cold touch of a dead patient in an abandoned hospital.

That's how spooky the old abandoned monastery was.


By Daniel Pye



My Secret Place


My secret place is my attic. 

It's where I can have some peace and quiet.

It's where I keep my secrets, fears, hopes, dreams, everything.

It's my place with my little touches.

Yes, my friends visit me.

It's as warm and comfortable as being in a bakery full of pastries.

It's fun, frightening and mysterious all together.

It's safe. It's secure.

But there's no one except me.

This is my place.


By Ivana Todovora



Harder than not eating a whole chocolate bar at a birthday party,

Harder than a try not to laugh challenge at the end, 

Harder than not talking when a teacher says silent working when it gets loud in class,

Harder than convincing me to do my homework on the weekend,

Harder than not buying anything in your favourite shops,

Harder than learning all the lyrics in a super fast rap song from the radio,

That's how hard it is to get me out of bed on a weekday.


By Holly Fry



The Dog Poem


A blue dog waits at the bus stop every day,

One brown dog bites fingers off, 

A green dog has eyes of Medusa,

One yellow dog only likes like sun, and tries to save everyone from Dog Black Beard,

A black dog called Dog Black Beard tries to make the sun evil, 

One white dog is so lazy it hides on a sock all day.

A purple dog is energetic,

One red dog licks everyone,

A grey dog can drive a car, 

Another black and white dog plays football,

One orange dog likes sticking his tongue out,


By Jack Harrington





Thank you! 

Thank you to those parents who came into class yesterday, Thursday 17th November, to join in with our learning. We loved having you in to see and help us. It was lovely to see so many faces! The children really blossomed with your support and really enjoyed you being there. Many off them loved showing you off to their friends.  

Sadly, I forgot to take some photos but it is a memory we will all cherish. 


Image result for parent and child cartoon      Image result for parent and child cartoon

Viking Shields 

A huge well done and thank you for your parental support throughout the project homework of researching Viking weaponry and then making a Viking Shield. They look fantastic! Everyone that has visited our classroom has been wowed by the size, colours and textures of them. So well done. Here we are practising our best Viking poses - take a look! 




         Chertsey Museum Viking Artefacts Session 

On Friday, May from Chertsey Museum visited us with a range of different artefacts from the Viking period. Swords, shields, helmets, bowls, drinking cups, clothing and God masks. We learnt a lot about the Vikings from these artefacts and discovered new facts we didn't know before.

Take some time with your child to discuss this visitor and look at the artefacts below.


                             Sword Viking Helmet                              Viking Shield Chain Mail                                     Viking Clothes Monk                                                           Aretfacts                                                                    Artefacts 


Autumn 2 Newsletter


We have a had a wonderful time at our swimming lessons, where we have all progressed fantastically. Many of us now feel more confident in the water and we have experienced what it would be like to be in water fully clothed. This was a valuable experience to our learning. 


On our last lesson we were given the opportunity to play on the large floats. 


Please continue to take your children to swimming lessons, this is vital life skill. 



Guildford Shakespeare Company Workshop Twelfth Night Freeze Frames

Image result for cartoon caterpillar A Very Naughty Caterpillar!Image result for cartoon caterpillar



Last week we noticed that in our class planter the red currant and gooseberry plants has been eaten but some VERY HUNGRY CATERPILLARS! 

Now we need to do some fundraising to buy some more and to invest in some protection methods to ensure this doesn't happen again.


Keep an eye out for posters and letters coming your way with regards to our fundraising efforts.


Welcome to Kingfishers 2016- 2017


Welcome all to year 5!  It has already been a few weeks and our learning is speeding on. We are very excited to be working with you and your children and look forward to an exciting year ahead! 


Miss Oliver, Miss Rogers, Ms Latif