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Eagles - Year 6

Welcome to your last year in Key Stage 2!


Please see below the newsletter for this half term, full of information about the expectations we have in year 6. For further information about their learning please see the 'What are we learning' document below. Should you need to speak with me I have an Open Door Policy, pick up time is better but if it is urgent please do see me in the morning at drop off time. Miss Grillet

What are we learning this year?




The webpage is now live. You can place an order for your child’s leavers hoodies until May 7th.

Autumn 1 Newsletter

Kew Gardens Trip

Autumn term 2


We had a very busy half term. In maths we continued to concentrate on our mental and written calculations. In literacy we focused on poetry by Ted Hughes, later in the term we learnt the art of debating with some fascinating results. In science we focused on how to keep ourselves healthy, in history we learnt all about the Ancient Shang Dynasty of China. We also filled up our treasure jar and Eagles chose to go to the park and have a slumber party in the classroom.


We also recreated Claude Monet’s Water lilies, debated whether or not children should have phones in school in literacy and continued to help the younger years in a very festive manner!

Spring Term

This half term we will be looking at a collection of short stories written in different genres to create our very own anthology in literacy. In maths we will continue to work on our mental addition, subtraction, multiplication and division strategies. We will also look at fractions, percentages, statistics, co-ordinates, measure and algebra. In science we are learning about light and the eye. In RE we look at 'What does it mean to be a Jew?', and in Geography we are exploring Scandinavia.


Spring Term 2

This half term is very short but also extremely exciting. We are going on our residential to our residential on the Isle of Wight and will of course also be doing lots of learning. In literacy we will be doing a non-fiction unit, in this unit the children will explore what blood is used for. They will read the eBook, using evidence from the text to find answers and scanning for specific information. The children will learn to use grammatical, presentational and organisational features to affect the presentation of information. They will create their own eBook chapter. We will also have a Word detective week! The class will take on the role of word detectives to investigate spelling patterns and generate their own spelling rules. In maths we will look at multiplication and division of fractions and written division, area, perimeter and volume, shape, ratio and percentages, written multiplication and division. In science we are learning out inheritance and evolution, in RE we are looking at the Easter story and exploring if Jesus had to die, and in art we are being fashion designers.

Summer Term

The beginning of this half term will be focussed on revision and getting ready for the SATs, the second week of May. The children will be sitting three maths papers, one reading paper and a spelling and grammar paper, this will be an intense week for the children and your support at home will be vital. Please make sure the children are in, home learning is completed and they are well rested. However we will of course also be doing all our other foundation subjects in the afternoon. In Science this half term we will be looking at electricity, in Geography we are focussing on South America, in Computing we will be developing a simple mobile phone app, in Art we will look at printing and in PSHE we are looking at relationships.