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Doves - Year 4

Our first term as a team has whizzed by! It’s been fantastic getting to know your children and seeing the progress – academically and personally - that they are all making. Highlights of last term include the residential trip and our raft making for marine iguanas. We certainly understand that is a miracle iguanas came to settle on the Galapagos Islands, travelling across 600 miles of ocean on vegetation rafts.


We will continue to develop our speaking and listening skills through structured play in the role play area, drama activities and our imaginative play sessions. Our role play themes for this term are wildlife explorers and scientists (from David Attenborough to Dr Livingstone, via Jane Goodall).

Once again, if you have any resources we could use, please bring them in.


Sadly, we are saying goodbye to our Galapagos topic, but travelling back in time to indulge in the Romans! We will be learning about the influence the Romans had on Britain. This will include finding out about the Roman army and how it managed to be so successful. Boudicca, the legendary warrior, will be explored in more depth. Why is she famous? Was she right to rebel? This topic provides a wealth of home learning opportunities. Suggested visits include Chertsey Museum, The British Museum, Lullingstone Roman Villa (Kent) or St Albans.


In Science, we are learning about classification. Understanding what makes something a living thing is key to this. We will also explore our local environment, to find out whom we share our environment with and understand the importance of habitat management. We study food chains, and webs, and how our world is linked – the circle of life.

Our new trip will take us to the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust, Barnes. Here we will be able to explore this man-made natural environment, focussing particularly on pond life. It is an enormous site and well worth an extra visit.

Our science learning will also encompass measuring, and converting between, lengths in mm, cm and m. We will measure and record on tables, and represent and record results in bar charts.



Welcome to Doves year 4 class April 2017!

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